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#122888 - Finally with a roar Jake felt his seed flow deep into Gen even as she orgasmed herself!   Jake tried to move but it seemed impossible, looking at Gen she had a huge satisfied smile on her face. Leaning over she asked Jake, Can you go again dear Master?   Jake thought he should have been tired but thanks to all the Jinns protection he wasn't. I don't understand! My love does this also but with you it is so different! Panting harder Akeesha almost came off the bed when Jake skipped her sex and kissed his way down her legs! By the great Jinn! Master Jake I am going to go mad! I cannot take much more please take me!   Jake nodded then moved up and barely pressed his member into her withdrawing then slowly going deeper.

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Spray paints wall succubus sin was here
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Who is she i need more of her
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Damn how did you make boxers look hot